Why jGazm?

Java is a very powerful coding language but has a very high setup/startup overhead. When wanting to use the Java language for smaller or temporary assignments it's is a pain to go through the boilerplate coding of setting up a class and static void main etc. Then you have to compile the source and run the class separately. What if there was a way to execute Java code directly without the hassle of creating the class overhead.

jGazm is created for tht soul purpose to execute Java code on the fly, right of the bat without a IDE or java/javac. It can also be used to create batch files or other scripting jobs as file parsing, FTP/HTTP downloads, instant database access and so on...

Running jGazm programs without jGazm

By using the command line option -export all the class files, resources, classpaths etc, will be exported and packed in a executable jar file. This means the you can distribute you jGazm program as a standard Java program with ease.

>jgazm -stdin -export:C:\\myexport\\MyApp.jar
alert("Hello from pure Java");
Exported to:C:\myexport\MyApp.jar