@classpath ".;" //Set to current dir for example. Change to what ever classpath you want or remove.

@import javax.swing.*; // Not needed in this example but put here for reference.

/* execute the whole file or selected text as long as the texts is executable Java */
System.out.println("Hello from jGazm"); // Select only this statement and hit CTRL+ENTER...

/* View the .setup file for more reference */

String hello = "Hello World";

MyClass mc = new MyClass("Ringo");
out(mc.getName()); //com.crazedout.jgazm.Lang.out(Object out);

@method /* Needed to identify method */
void showMessage(String msg){
	alert(msg); //com.crazedout.jgazm.Lang.alert(String msg);

@class /* Needed to identify inner class */
public class MyClass {
	String name;
	public MyClass(String name){
		this.name = name + " Star";

	public String getName(){
		return this.name;
@thread {
	out("Executed inside a threads run() method");

@exception {
	out("Handle exception" + ex.getMessage());