Download jGazm

jGazm-1.2.2.zipFull version (Linux fix)
jGazm-1.2.1.zipFull version
Full Windows installation. jGazm pure and jGazm Editor.
Extract zip file and go to jGazm directory and run setup.bat
The setup script will create bat files and correct jgazm.home etc. only. No editor, Linux fix) only. No editor)

jGazmPlugin.zipIntelliJ Plugin
JGazm plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Provides a jGazm tool window for evaluating jGazm/Java code.
All the resources and imports of the current IntelliJ project will be inserted into the jGazm code
This also provides a full jGazm editor found in the Windows menu.
The jGazm lib is not provided.

jgazm-1.2.2-source.zipMaven project / MIT License
jgazm-1.2.1-source.zipMaven project / MIT License
Source on Github